"Never Give Up! To Give Up Leads to Failure and Failure is Not an Option!"

-Terrance " Terry" Wooten


Plumbing is more than just sticking pipe in the ground. We strive to take a commercial project, be proactive and work as a team with your build team. Creating relationships is our priority and making a successful job is our specialty.

Med Gas

Med gas construction is a specialty side of our business. Not many plumbing companies have the licensing and ability to perform med gas install. We are. We are certified, licensed and able to take on any med gas jobs.


Lighthouse is not only a plumber but also a mechanical installer. You want to hire one contractor to take on both your plumbing and mechanical scopes? We are here just for that purpose.


We pride ourselves in being a specialty contractor able to take on jobs that most Plumbing and Mechanical companies will shy away from. They may not have the ability to take on complicated jobs, but that's what we love.

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