About us

Our Story

Lighthouse began their journey in 2010. We started as a small family business that quickly grew and became known as a family business that a lot of general contractors, developers and builders could trust. Our people mean a great deal to us and our partners mean just as much, making everyone we work with part of the lighthouse family. ​

Terry Wooten the owner began in the ditches and wanted more for him and the guys he worked with, so he started Lighthouse from the ground up. Built on principle and hard work, the sweat, blood and hard times grew Lighthouse into the top notch contractor we are today.

Core Values



Nothing is out of question for us. You have a custom job, we have the expertise to help. If we haven't done something before, it's never too late to try. We love the challenge and the complications to any new project you have to offer, and our team will be right there to sit down and conquer it together.



A word most companies just throw around, but when it comes to the Lighthouse team, we don't just say it, we show it through our lighthearted aproad and our down to earth core values. We do the right things, not because we are forced but because it is in our nature.



Like a lighthouse at sea, our purpose is to help our clients by guiding them to the right decisions. To partner with them and show them, through our trade expertise, how a system or project works. We help through proactive thinking and initiative rather than being reactive to a situation. When you work with Lighthouse, it is evident that we have your back.



A healthy life leads to success. With everything we do in this industry, it can break a person, physically and mentally. We strive to set healthy goals for both our employees and clients. Because being healthy will lead into more productivity, longer life, happier people and a purpose driven mind.



When we start something, we are in it till the finish line. We do not waver or slow down. We offer the ability, through pride in our work to hold tight to the tasks and accomplish them with might.

"Lighthouse Plumbing & Mechanical, LLC has a Purpose! To Serve others with Integrity & Perseverance! P.I.P"

Office Staff

Field Managers

Jose Juan Barajas

Field/Service Manager

Eduardo Garcia

Field Manager

Marcos Navarro

Field Manager

Rene Montealvo

Field Manager


Our teams are not like other plumbing contractors. When a project starts, our leadership takes it among themselves to lead through a professional knowledge of our trade. Plumbing is our life, and we pride ourselves in our work. We do it right no exceptions.


Lighthouse is a licensed and insured plumbing contractor in the DFW area. We have the skills and certifications to back it. We have the license to do the work, plumbing, medgas or mechanical.

Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners

P.O. Box 4200, Austin Texas 78765-4200
(800) 845-6584 or (512) 936-4200
Fax (512) 450-0637 www.tsbpe.state.tx.us

Terrance J. Wooten M-39458
Terrance J. Wooten Master Med Gas-22 RMP


Lighthouse is here to build relationships. We create a personalized approach for our clients. There is no doubt that when you work with us, you can have upfront, open discussion with a no hassle feel. We are your partner in every project.